Raw Clips from Broadway High School

This week Audacity began shooting interviews for a project we are developing with Broadway High School students.  The working title is “Broadway High School Voices.”

With our program students, we developed an interview to kick off the project/to get the project started.  We will continue to develop the program as we earn more trust and, as we learn more about what these amazing kids want to say.

The student in this clip had missed a great deal of school at a school that seems to have washed their hands of her; they provided no way for her to catch up with her peers.  She found her way to Broadway where people care so very much and, she is thriving now.

“I cannot help but be inspired by the drive, commitment and perseverance these kids show on a daily basis, ” Audacity Founder, Louis Stone-Collonge says about working with Broadway Students.

Broadway High School Student involved in Audacity Program

Read more and watch videos on the collaboration between Audacity Performing Arts and Broadway High school.

Audacity hires Khalia Davis

The Audacity Performing Arts Project is super excited to announce that we have hired Khalia Davis as Director to support our productions at John Sinnott Elementary School in Milpitas.
Khalia with be fully responsible for the production and, will be assisted by Audacity Artistic Director, Samantha Pistoresi.
The addition of Khalia gives us much greater flexibility and, its our first step towards the growth we have been reaching for over the past two years.  I am very excited and feel like Khalia’s presence breaths new energy and life into our little band of committed artists.
Khalia Davis - Director Audacity Performing Arts

Khalia Davis Bio

Khalia Davis, a Bay Area native, graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Theatre Arts.

She is a professional actress and teaching artist, working for various theatre companies throughout California. As a performer, she has performed with Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Broadway by the Bay, 42nd Street Moon Theatre, TheatreWorks, Center Rep, CalShakes, and Berkeley Playhouse.

Her passion for children’s entertainment and education has led her to start her own company called Kids at Heart Productions. They create web-based content for kids and their families.

To learn more about Ms. Davis, check her out at www.khaliashdavis.com!