Special “Go Fund Me” Offers For Companies and Small Business’

For those companies and small business who support The Audacity Performing Arts Project’s 2015-2016 campaign, we are now offering three very special benefit packages for supporting the children we work with everyday.


VIP Box Sponsors: $1500+ level

  • Social Media Push
    Monthly social media endorsement across FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram.
  • Poster Sponsor
    Audacity is in the process of developing a series of promotional posters with the help of local high school students.  For our VIP Box Sponsors we will brand one poster (100 unit print runs) in the series with the sponsor logo and URL.
  • Web Site Promotion
    VIP Box Sponsors will be featured on our donors page as well as in strategic areas of our website. VIP Box Sponsors will have their logos used as part of our website promotions.  Logos will be linked to a URL of the VIP Box Sponsor’s choosing
  • Newsletter sponsor logo
    VIP Box Sponsors will have their company logos displayed on the sidebar of all email notices sent to our 1000+ subscriber newsletters. Logos will be linked to a URL of the VIP Box Sponsor’s choosing

Orchestra Sponsors $500 level

  • Poster “Group Sponsor list”
    Audacity is in the process of developing a series of promotional posters with the help of local high school students.  For our Orchestra Sponsors we will brand one poster (100 unit print runs) in the series that features a complete list of all Orchestra Sponsors in plain text fonts.
  • Web Site Promotion
    Orchestra Sponsors will have their company name featured on our donors page with a link back to their website.
  • Newsletter text sponsor
    Orchestra Sponsors will have their company name displayed in as text linkson the sidebar of all email notices sent to our 1000+ subscriber newsletters. Links will point to a URL of the Orchestra Sponsor’s choosing

Balcony Sponsors: $250 level

  • Web Site Promotion
    Balcony Sponsors will have their company name featured on our donors page with a link back to their website.

For sponsor amounts over $2000 special programs can be arranged to best meet the marketing needs of the sponsor.
If you have any questions, please contact Louis Stone-Collonge: louis@audacityperformingarts.com/ or (408) 348-4026


Sponsor Packages Audacity Performing Arts

Audacity Explores the Jungle

Jungle Book - Sinnott

Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

Audacity’s 2014-2015 season comes to a successful close with the production of Disney’s Jungle Book Kids at John Sinnott Elementary School in Milpitas.

Jungle Book was the fourth production produced with the amazing children at Sinnott.

The best thing about these shows is watching these children grow together as a team.  With cast age ranging from first grade to sixth grade, there is a natural mentoring and support structure that evolves among the kids that is always fun to watch.

Jungle Book - Sinnott Elementary School

Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

The Disney Kids Edition shows provide the perfect balance of dialogue and musical fun for the whole cast.

The show was directed by the latest addition to the Audacity team, Khalia Davis.  Audacity Artistic Director, Samantha Pistoresi, was the Assistant Director with Mackenzie Knox (from Notre Dame High School) serving as Production Intern.

The Jungle Book - Sinnott Elementary School

The Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

The Jungle Book - Sinnott Elementary School

The Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

The Jungle Book set was painted by tech theater students at Notre Dame High School in San Jose.  Like all Audacity productions, these productions are truly community efforts. Audacity also received costuming support from our friends at Children’s Musical Theaterworks, Fresno.  Having community partners like CMT, Fresno and Notre Dame High School make programs like this one possible.

Jungle Book - Sinnott

Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

Audacity Performing Art Projects

The Jungle Book – Sinnott Elementary School

We are currently booking our 2015-2016 season. For more information about how Audacity can develop your school’s performing arts programs, call Louis Stone-Collonge at (408) 348-4026.

Audacity Accomplishments and looking forward to 2015-2016

Audacity Performing Arts Project Accomplishments 2014 2015With your support we can keep these amazing programs growing. With your support we can continue to support young people as they create a new and wonderful future.

Please visit our Go Fund Me page to learn more: http://www.gofundme.com/audacityPerfArts

Louis Stone-Collonge
Founder and President

2014-2015 Performing Arts Programs:

  • Sinnott Elementary (Fall Drama; Spring Musical)
  • Washington (after school performing arts games, video training, theatre visit)
  • Broadway (Video Club: developing Broadway Voices with students)

2014-2015 Partners and Clients:

Audacity offers equipment rentals and production support to quality clients and partners to generate revenue to fund our after school performing arts programs in our primary target communities.

Community Partners
  • Silicon Valley Shakespeare (sound and lighting equipment)
  • City Lights Theater Company (set decorations)
  • CMT Fresno (costume partner)
  • Chrysalis Theater Company (sound equipment)
  • Heart Academy (sound equipment)
  • Hillbrook School (sound equipment)
  • Saint Andrew’s School (sound equipment, lighting equipment and lighting design)
  • Notre Dame High School (sound equipment, lighting equipment, event sound and production management)

2014-2015 Internship Program:

Audacity’s new High School Internship Program brings additional talent and support into our productions and programs to the benefit of all involved. Over the past year, our interns have included the following young people:

  • Amy Mullenex, Notre Dame High School
  • Caitlin Stone-Collonge, Notre Dame High School
  • Camille Goldman, Notre Dame High School
  • Evelyn Nelson, Westmont High School
  • Henry Palmieri, Westmont High School
  • Kendall Goodin, Leigh High School
  • Kiera Robinson, Notre Dame High School
  • Maya Jain, Notre Dame High School
  • Mackenzie Knox, Notre Dame High School

We are very proud to note that, after their participation as Audacity Interns, Kendall, Amy, Keira, Caitlin and Maya have all been accepted at interns for Silicon Valley Shakespeare’s summer programs. In addition, Kiera has also been accepted to the summer high school program at Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. This fall, Maya will move on to attend University of Chicago (studying theatre) and, Camille will move on to attend Harvey Mudd College (studying molecular biology). While we cannot take credit for the success of these amazing young people, we are proud of the quality of talent Audacity continues to attract.


2014-2015 Expanding the Audacity Team

Khalia Davis

Khalia joined Audacity as director for our musical at Sinnott Elementary this spring. A graduate of University of Southern California, Ms Davis brings an amazing energy and love of the performing arts we are so very lucky to share with the children who participate on our programs.

Samantha Cohen

Samantha has joined Audacity as our Marketing Director. She will assist with fundraising programs, program development and production management. Samantha is a recent graduate from Santa Clara University.

Joyce Davis

Joyce has joined the Audacity Board of Directors where she will help with school communications and offer an abundance of guidance. Joyce has a background in school counseling and currently serves as Vice-Principal at Broadway High School in San Jose Unified School District.

Program Growth For 2015-2016

San Jose Unified School District
  • Expand Program at Washington Elementary
  • Launch Program at Lowell Elementary
  • Expand Broadway Voices Project to full length video project
Expand Programs in Milpitas Unified School District
  • Expand offerings at Sinnott Elementary
  • Launch Program at Russell Middle School
  • Expand district wide outreach program
Lunch Outreach Programs
  • Alum Rock Elementary School District
  • Franklin-Mckinley Elementary School District
  • Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District
  • Oak Grove Elementary School District

Lighting the Spring Musical at Saint Andrew’s

Lighting the show at St. Andrew's

One of the things we do at Audacity is provide technical theater support for other programs in Silicon Valley. This is one of the activities that help to raise funds to pay for programs in communities that cannot effort our services.

This past March, we had the honor of providing lighting to Saint Andrew’s School in Saratoga for their Spring Musical (the cast was made up of students grades 3-8). The play was written by Maggie Cole and was produced and directed by her production company, The Green Room.

For a nominal service fee, Audacity designed a lighting plot and arranged for the rental of all necessary equipment for the project. We also provided all Audacity’s lighting gear at no additional cost to support the project as well.

We also took the opportunity to recruit high school students as interns to help install lighting and to run lighting for the show.

Our interns, Kendall Goodin from Leigh High School and Amy Mullenex from Notre Dame High School, San Jose were outstanding additions to our Audacity family.

The show was a HUGE success for Saint Andrew’s.

Amy Mullenex summed up her experience with Audacity in the following note:

Thank you so so much for giving me the opportunity to come help this past week. I was pretty nervous about it considering I’ve never done anything like it before. Thank you for encouraging me and pushing me to keep trying and figure things out for myself — it’s been a very valuable experience for me and I’ve learned a lot from it! Thank you thank you thank you!

Kendall Goodin followed up her success with Audacity by being accepted for a lighting internship at Silicon Valley Shakespeare’s season at Sanborn Park this summer. She will be serving as light board operator and lighting tech for both shows at Sanborn Park.

Reflections Inspired by “We’re All Art Teachers”

On a personal level, I founded The Audacity Performing Arts Project knowing there are massive benefits to having young people participate in performing arts education.

audacityMay2015Growing up in less than healthy family, theatre provided one of the few positive experiences my father I shared. During a very troubled time of my young adulthood, theater provided an anchor.

Today, I have been working in youth theatre for the past 9 years; I have see how the experience changes children — allows them to change — in very positive ways.

When asking for money or trying to explain why performing arts education and participation is important, I have found it nearly impossible to avoid citing statistics that seem to reduce children are objects. We are talking here about human beings. Not one child is the same as the next. Not one child will follow the same path as others. And, yet,we know that no one can survive without imagination and hope.

The fact may be that we will never be able to truly quantify the impact of performing arts education and participation.

How do you talk about or, in my case as the president of a company, sell the benefits of performing arts education without offering some sort of quantifiable outcome?

The question that causes a great deal of anxiety is “How do I convince people to support a project where the ‘real’ benefits to the people we serve (children) may be impossible to quantify?”

Last month there was a drive by shooting across the street from one of the schools where Audacity serves.The five young men arrested were 17, 17, 16, 16 and 14. It is clear that hope to these young men was participating in activities that lead to a 20 year old being killed and a 3 month old growing up without a father.


To me, there is a direct and personal connection to these teens facing 25 years to life in prison and the 6, 7 and, 8 year olds we work with across the street. There is a direct connection between the smiles and hugs and the complete failure of our society to take care of those teens. After all, 7-10 years ago, they were smiles and hugs in someone’s first grade class.

When you invest in children, in their creativity, in their imagination, in those aspects of their personhood that are untouched by other disciplines, you help unleash their natural ability to discover hope. And, it is hope that guides a person to invest in a future where violence and prison are unnecessary.

Many years ago, the young men who participated in the recent shooting, were left to find hope for a better life/existence where ever they could. Their imaginations were not nurtured, their natural creativity was not guided to something bright and hopeful.

For me, the hugs of these young people suggest we are offering something more than theater games and silly acting projects. We are unleashing hope in a neighborhood that could use it. It is possible we are making a difference in the real lives of children.

How the hell do you quantify that in a number?

It is a balancing act in being able to offer donors a concrete reason to support a program like Audacity while making sure not to lose site of the “big why” (raison d’etre) and, focus on the basic humanity of a child.

I strongly desire to improve at this, the article below has reminded me to try harder because the children for whom we sit in trust as members of The Audacity Performing Arts Project are worth the effort.

Louis Stone-Collonge
Founder and President
The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

We’re All Art Teachers:  http://educationnext.org/art-teachers/

The rhetoric of “college and career ready,” for good or ill, has taken over our educational moment. Education is defined as preparation, its purpose tied to an abstract future time. This implies (if taken most sinisterly) that if a child doesn’t end up in college or something we consider a career right away, the whole endeavor was pointless. We don’t talk much about “education for education’s sake” anymore. In an increasingly competitive world, this may be the way to go. This mind-set, however, leaves little room for activities that are educationally, but not measurably, valuable.

We’re all arts teachers in the sense that we all help children to find their voices and discover who they are.

Education is a gift we give to our children. We can wrap it up as math, science, reading, or art, but the important thing isn’t what we give them. It’s what they do with it. Arts education enables children to develop into who they really are; it’s the key that opens kids’ minds and makes the rest of the stuff possible.