Mother and Daughter on Jungle Book at Sinnott Elementary

Jungle Book - Sinnott Elementary
Here is feedback from another happy Audacity family:
Sheela Ram-Prasad (mom): Sami and Khalia use an extremely kid-friendly approach with all the kids and make sure that they all have a great time during play rehearsals. My daughter had an amazing time with them and both the plays she did with their program. As soon as The Jungle Book play ended she said she is ready for the next play! Highly recommended!
Shivi Prasad (daughter): “I had a lot of fun being Old Monkey in The Jungle Book play. I really like the part where we do exercises with Miss Sami & Miss Khalia.”
Thanks again, truly appreciate it! Hope Shivi can do the play again next year!!

On Working at Washington Elementary: An Intern’s Perspective

Seeing the impact Audacity made on the class (Audacity Founder) Louis Stone-Collonge taught was incredible. The kids at Washington were greatly receptive to the attention and resources given by Audacity and the storytelling class they participated in was transformative for both the students and myself.

Audacity advocates for theatre arts like no other and inspires everyone it reaches, including me. Thank you Audacity for a fantastic experience, you really made a difference in the lives of the kids we taught and in my own!

Interacting with the kids was probably the best part of the whole experience. I’m not around kids often but I absolutely love them and teaching is something that I’d like to do more of and explore.

I’ve done theatre for several years, but I had to learn to adapt the skills I’ve learned to a classroom setting and to an age range that was relatively unfamiliar to me. I felt like I was learning alongside of the kids a lot of the time–while they learned storytelling games and played along with our mini performances each class, I was learning what they were receptive to and how best to work creativity into their worlds that revolve around constant motion and spontaneity.

The experience opened my eyes to the importance of arts-based education and the impact that the arts can have on the lives of kids, no matter what form they present themselves in.

Kiera Robinson

Notre Dame High School

How is Arts Education like Cholera?

Lately, as anyone who knows me will know, I have spent a lot of time thinking about children who go to school in neighborhoods where they fear being shot or harmed in some way.

It strikes me that we don’t need to cure social problems that create these situations.

In this case, it’s like thinking of cholera. You don’t need to cure the disease, you need to clean the water.  With clean water, the disease, for all practical purposes, goes away.

What Audacity is doing in the schools we serve is like cleaning water.  Children don’t need life handed to them on a platter. Children can solve most of their own issues, if we let them.  These children need clean water; they need hope.

Participatory arts education allows children to stretch those parts of their being left untouched by teaching to tests and the exclusive focus on language, math and science.

Creativity and imagination are what allow our children to imagine and create a better future. This is where hope comes from.

In the same way that clean water gives life, imagination give hope.  For our children, hope is life.

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Louis Stone-Collonge
President and Founder