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An Audacity Story: These Kids Give Life

This youngster was our Cruella de Vil at a school near Story and King. Before the show she was crying with fear and stage nerves. When she got on stage she was perfect. And after the show, I got to share that movement of pride with her. I swear these kids give life.
Audacity Performing Arts

Arts education is not about the production of art or talent or any of that stuff. The arts at The Audacity Performing Arts Project are about creating moments of inspiration that will power a lifetime.

I left tech to develop these programs 13 years ago. Since then I have left at least $1,000,000 by not working in tech. In the past 5 years I have made less that $20,000 (in total).

Why? Because of this young girl and 100s of children like her. These children are why.

Because this is what life is about – inspiring the next generation to believe they can have a world that is better than the one we have today.

Its about life.
Louis Stone-Collonge
President and Founder
The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

Intern reflects on working with Audacity and service

Audacity Performing ArtsFrom a young age I have been taught the importance of caring for the people around me and putting others before myself. My parents and the Catholic environment I have grown up in has instilled in me the value of selflessness and working for a common good.

I have volunteered with a local nonprofit, The Audacity Performing Arts Project, for the past three years and every time I volunteer I am taken aback by how much kindness goes into the work accomplished. Audacity works to give youth in low-income neighborhoods the opportunity to experience the arts in an environment where that would not usually be available to them. This program is the only way that these children have access to theater arts, and sharing the gift of theater with them, is something truly profound. The founder of Audacity, Louis Stone-Collonge, has become someone I deeply admire, not only because of the work he does with all of Audacity’s students, but because of the positive way he affects people. He has said multiple times that at the core of his company is love; love for the students, love for the arts, and love for the community that has come together and works towards a common goal through this program. He has worked so hard to start this company and it thrives because of the love and compassion that he has put into all of these children. Many of the kids that Audacity works with have grown up in environments where tragedy is commonly experienced, but theater allows these children to be transported from their frightening realities and become who ever they want to be, even if it is for just a couple of hours.

I have, fortunately been able to see the experience that Audacity gives these children firsthand. As a volunteer I usually help build miniature portable sets that can be used at different schools in the area, and then help load the set in and set up sound and light gear for their productions. As I was setting up mics for a show, one of the younger children approached me and told me that when he grew up he wanted to be a DJ. So I showed him what all the buttons and sliders on the soundboard did and I let him check mics with me. The smile I received in return and the pure awe radiating off of him, solidified my belief that we are truly changing these children’s lives.

Being men and women for others means that putting others before ourselves is necessary to move the world forward and makes us better and more compassionate people. No matter how little or how much we have we can always find a way to give to someone else. Even if only one life is changed that is still an enormous accomplishment and can truly make a world of difference for that person.

Jasmine Canjura
Audacity Intern
Senior, Notre Dame High School

Massive Fall 2016 Success!!

Our Fall productions this year have met with massive success.  From classes to full productions, Audacity has reached children from South San Jose to Milpitas and we are so honored to be part of their lives in a positive way.
Please check our these links to enjoy and over view of our three main productions:

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Sinnott Elementary)

Little Mermaid  (Russell Middle School)

Aristocats (Lowell Elementary)


We have also successfully completed the following classes and events:

  • Talent Show (Russell Middle School)
  • Improv Class (KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy)
  • Acting Class (Rancho Middle School)
  • Movie Making Club (Broadway High School)

And, we are not stopping there!!!  Our February show in Los Altos is already in rehearsals as we prepare to produce seven pull productions in the Spring of 2017.

logo O2 MortgageThank you to O2 Mortgage for all their support!!!

Louis Stone-Collonge

Founder and President

The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

Working with Audacity was a great experience. Audacity inspires creativity and passion in everyone, but especially in kids. The Jungle Book Musical that was recently put on was absolutely amazing, and a blast to help with.
10/10 ... would go again!" Mackenzie Knox

Notre Dame High School, San Jose Class of 2016
Audacity Production Team

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