Performing Art Program at Lowell Elementary School


Back in 2010 and 2011, I was working with my partner at the time on a series of very expensive shows for a local private school.  At one point I turned to my partner and said, “we really need to take this show on the road.”
It has struck me that there are so many children in Silicon Valley who had no access to participation in the performing arts.  That is the moment when the idea was born that became The Audacity Performing Arts Project.
Last week The Audacity Performing Arts Project completed a VERY successful show at Lowell Elementary School in Downtown San Jose.

The show was Disney’s Jungle Book, Kids Edition. It was a first for Lowell and was carried out within their after school program run by Think Together. The show was produced at ZERO cost to the school and families.

Audacity Performing Arts Show at Lowell Elementary


These are the children I was thinking of when I founded the company in 2012. I have worked with more polished and experienced actors before, but never have I come across a more passionately excited group of children.

Audacity Performing Project at Lowell Elementary in San Jose
None of it could have been possible without my amazing partner and  Audacity Artistic Director,Samantha Pistoresi.  While I am the one who launched the company, it is Samantha who is the beating heart of the company.

Our production of Jungle Book was directed by Chiarra Sorci with assistant director, Meredith Johnson (Notre Dame High School class of 16). The play was also crewed by Anjali Jain (Notre Dame High School class of 17). In addition, strike and load-out (which had to happen within a very small window after the show) was staffed by Amy Mullenex (Notre Dame High School class of 17), Becca Paist (Notre Dame High School class of 17) and Jasmine Canjura (Notre Dame High School class of 18).

The show was attended by about 100 students and parents and was VERY well received. Audacity is currently making plans to produce Disney’s Lion King, Kids Edition in the spring of 2016.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this audacious project possible.

Louis Stone-Collonge
Founder and President
The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

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