Our Fall productions this year have met with massive success.  From classes to full productions, Audacity has reached children from South San Jose to Milpitas and we are so honored to be part of their lives in a positive way.
Please check our these links to enjoy and over view of our three main productions:

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Sinnott Elementary)

Little Mermaid  (Russell Middle School)

Aristocats (Lowell Elementary)


We have also successfully completed the following classes and events:

  • Talent Show (Russell Middle School)
  • Improv Class (KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy)
  • Acting Class (Rancho Middle School)
  • Movie Making Club (Broadway High School)

And, we are not stopping there!!!  Our February show in Los Altos is already in rehearsals as we prepare to produce seven pull productions in the Spring of 2017.

logo O2 MortgageThank you to O2 Mortgage for all their support!!!

Louis Stone-Collonge

Founder and President

The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

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